The narrative has been produced to tell the story culture in Newcastle

Newcastle Creates, the culture compact for Newcastle, is proud to announce the launch of an inspiring cultural narrative – a document that captures the spirit of our vibrant city as it stands today.

This first edition, created by Newcastle Creates and led by Jim Mawdsley, Principal Advisor Events and Culture Newcastle City Council, will provide an understanding of Newcastle’s past, present, and future for residents, visitors, and policymakers alike.

Jim explains, “The narrative has been created as a tangible expression of who we are as a city. It celebrates our hard work, enterprising spirit, and unique culture that brings life to our diverse communities and neighbourhoods.

“This document is not fixed; it will grow and evolve with Newcastle, encapsulating the dynamic nature of our culture, mirroring the city’s vibrancy.

“While the document aims to encapsulate the broad view of culture in Newcastle, it recognises that culture is subjective and can mean different things to different people. It’s a starting point that helps us understand where we are and where we want to be.”

The launch of the Cultural Narrative will be marked by an event featuring the unveiling of the first of four large-scale artworks, created by local artist James Dixon of Lines Behind. These artworks reflect the four elements of the narrative – Commercial and Independent Culture, Organisations and Institutions, People and Place, and Community.

The first piece was on display at Newcastle’s Monument today, offering a visual representation of the city’s commercial and independent culture.

Members of the public were invited to contribute their thoughts and feelings on what culture in Newcastle means to them, using sticky notes to add to the artworks. This participatory element allows the public to be co-creators of the narrative, emphasising the belief that culture starts with individuals and communities.

All of the artworks will be on display around the city across the summer.

Joanna Chapman, Chair of Newcastle Creates said, “We were delighted to see so many people engaging with the artwork today and letting us know what culture in Newcastle means to them.

“All four artworks will be on display across the summer and we’re looking forward to hearing more views on culture from the people who live and work here. Keep an eye on our social media to find out where and when you can get involved.”

Newcastle Creates is a co-operative organisation that encourages people from a diverse range of backgrounds and organisations to join as members. The aim is to ensure a collaborative approach, bringing people from across sectors and communities together to shape and develop the cultural life of the city.

The organisation has been tasked with setting a bold new agenda for culture in Newcastle, one that will put culture at the heart of the city, its communities and sustainable social and economic development.

Please take a look at the cultural narrative and let us know what you think, via our social media or by email.