Cultural Narrative

This is the story of Newcastle and how our culture makes us what we are - a story that helps bring understanding and context to our past, present and future.

As part of our ambitious plans for the future of culture in the city we also want to celebrate where we are now. Newcastle is a hugely creative place and our distinct culture is one of our key strengths. The city is defined by its fabled civic pride, forged through the enterprising spirit and hard work of its people. This narrative may not cover every aspect of what the people of Newcastle see as culture, we recognise culture is subjective and can mean different things to different people.
Consider this document a first edition that will grow and change with the city.

This is a journey and we pick up the story here to create a narrative that can be understood by residents, visitors and policymakers. A story that says, ‘This is Newcastle’ We hope it provides a starting point for anyone looking to understand the culture of our city, those who want to explore what it has to offer, those looking to invest in our rich cultural offering or to support funding and bid applications for organisations already working within the city.

Artwork for the launch of the Narrative has been created by local artist James Dixon – Lines Behind

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This narrative was created by the Place and Meaning subgroup of Newcastle Creates - led by Jim Mawdsley, Principal Advisor Events and Culture Newcastle City Council.

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