Our vision

By 2030 Newcastle will be renowned as a city whose culture and economy are built on the creativity, industry and imagination of its people. It will be a city where the creativity of each of us is valued and given the chance to flourish. It will be a place where identity and culture are celebrated, and everyone feels they belong.

Our values


Equality is a central theme in all that we do. We will ensure that people are able to celebrate the culture that is important to them and explore other cultured experiences. We are committed to social justice and challenging existing structures to make positive change.

Identity & Equity

We respect and value all the people that make up our city. We believe in and will support the role culture plays in helping us learn, enjoy and share our identities.

Corporation & Collaboration

We will foster an environment where problems are solved by people and organisations working in collaboration. We support a spirit of cooperation in rising to and overcoming challenges.

Environmental Sustainability

We recognise the significance and urgency of the climate crisis, and the need to work toward environmentally sustainable practices within the cultural community and the city. We believe that culture can play a leading role in engaging with these challenging issues and advocating for changes.


We acknowledge that new ideas emerge from those willing to experiment and explore. We will encourage, listen, reflect and take time to understand and nurture new concepts and perspectives.


We believe the cultural sector should be ambitious and risk-taking in its work. We understand the value experiencing culture brings in joy, wellbeing and meaning. We recognise and support the contribution culture and creativity make to our city’s economy and to making our city a distinctive place – a place people want to live in, work in, learn in and visit.

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