Our plans

We have ambitious plans to champion culture in the city.

Our strategy

We want everyone to see themselves and their community, what is important to them and how they express it, reflected in our plans.

Our key ambitions


Newcastle will be a leading city for championing inclusivity and tackling inequality in all aspects of culture. Our understanding of culture, our workforce and our audiences will be inclusive. All cultural experiences of people living, working, learning in and visiting Newcastle will be recognised and valued.


Culture will be central to an inclusive economy which creates opportunity and shared prosperity for all. Culture will be part of the solution to addressing some of the City’s toughest challenges so everyone belongs to and participates in its economic life.


Newcastle will be the best place to develop creative skills. Imaginative pathways will open opportunities for learning and employment. Creativity will be central to young people’s lives and they will be supported in developing their futures.


Newcastle will be reimagined. The cityscape will be transformed through new cultural and heritage experiences. Culture throughout the city – in venues, nightclubs, homes and streets - will shape senses of identity and belonging. In the city, makers and communities will have the environment to thrive.


Culture and creativity will be at the heart of everyday life. Creativity will be a positive force for health and wellbeing, for building connectivity and communities where everyone can participate, and in reducing isolation. Quality of life across the city will be improved through engagement with the arts.


The cultural sector’s response to the climate emergency through adapting their own practices and encouraging behavioural change will be fundamental to achieving NetZero targets and encouraging environmental responsibility. In collaboration with scientists, activists, environmentalists and communities, the sector will influence, advocate, and inform policy to create change.

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