Caroline Docking

Board Director at Newcastle Creates - Health & Wellbeing

Caroline Docking (she/her)┬áis Assistant Chief Executive at Newcastle Hospitals Trust, as a member of the board of Newcastle Creates she will focus on the theme of Health and Wellbeing, ensuring that the city’s cultural initiatives actively promote a healthy and thriving community.

Caroline joined the Trust as Director of Communications and Engagement in October 2018, and became Assistant Chief Executive in September 2019.

Her role encompasses ensuring that the Trust communicates well with patients, staff and other stakeholders. She is also responsible for Corporate Governance, External Affairs, the Chief Executive’s Directorate and the Trust’s Charity.

In her new role at Newcastle Creates, Caroline will focus on incorporating health and wellbeing considerations into the cultural strategy for the city, aiming to create an environment in which arts and culture can contribute to the mental and physical wellbeing of the city’s residents and visitors.

“I would love to help Newcastle Creates to be influential in improving the health and wellbeing of this vibrant city. Having worked in the NHS in and around Newcastle for over 20 years, I’ve seen the importance of working with communities in different ways, and I hope that I could bring the NHS closer to those communities through supporting Newcastle Creates.”