Professor Donna Chambers

Board Director at Newcastle Creates - Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion.

Professor Donna Chambers (she/her) is Professor of Critical Cultural Studies at Northumbria University, specialising in representations of people and places in cultural and heritage tourism. Her research often highlights issues related to equity and inclusiveness, concerns that she is passionate about within the cultural context.

Donna has been appointed to the Board of Newcastle Creates, where she will focus on driving initiatives related to equity, diversity, and inclusion across the city’s cultural landscape.


In her new role on the Board of Newcastle Creates, Donna will use her expertise and experience to ensure that Newcastle’s cultural offerings are accessible and welcoming to all.


“I believe that in order to achieve the vision of Newcastle Creates it is vital to work with, and for all the diverse communities that constitute this creative city.  However much of the creativity, imagination, and cultural contributions of those from marginalised and racialised communities in Newcastle are either hidden or not afforded equity in representation, cultural and creative practices, and performances. This results in feelings of isolation which affect the wellbeing of many in these communities, and negative consequences for the achievement of social and cultural sustainability. “