Liz Blackshaw

Board Director at Newcastle Creates - Cultural Democracy

Liz Blackshaw (she/her) took up her position as TUC regional secretary for the Northern region in 2021. Prior to joining the TUC, Liz worked for the International Transport Workers’ Federation, where she led sectoral programmes working with unions internationally to improve employment standards across the globe.

Liz has a wealth of experience in campaigning on topics such as schools and public services, outsourced services and private industry, transport and supply chains and is committed to ensuring her work results in tangible outcomes for working people.

As a passionate champion of equal opportunity and economic development, Liz has been appointed to the Board of Newcastle Creates as a representative of the TUC.

“The role of unions in society is historical as well as current. Trade unions organise and represent workers across the City and I will be advocating on behalf of workers to ensure that there are good pay, terms and conditions for those across the cultural sector, particularly those not currently in a union. We will also be advocating for our communities and their diversity to be celebrated in a range of activities across the city. We are keen to ensure that there is engagement with young people, particularly where options are more limited.”