What is a compact?

Culture Compacts emerged as a key recommendation of the Cultural Cities Enquiry. The Enquiry looked at how culture might be better resourced and how its benefits could be shared more equally.

How does it work?

Our organisation is fundamentally democratic. we want people from a diverse range of backgrounds and organisations to join us and encourage a truly collaborative, cross sector approach to setting the agenda for culture in the city.



We are a cooperative

Operating as a co-operative gives us the chance to remove the barriers associated with invitation-only or sector specific networks. We are building a community-based model that will prioritise learning, sharing, exchanging and partnering.

Culture for all

We believe culture is for everyone and everyone should have a voice.  To ensure we have a rich and diverse cultural life in the city, we must all work together.

Get involved

Newcastle has a long history of embracing and encouraging cultural expression and entrepreneurship, find out more about how you can play your part in ensuring this legacy continues.

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